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Re: [T3] was: Compression Ratio Recomendations, nowsemi-hemi heads

Great right up Shad! My thoughts about Gene Berg are 3/4 of the time he is 
right on, but the low compression ratio thing always made me scratch my head 
a bit.

I have a 1.6 liter engine that I took out to 2017cc. I did this by 90.5-B 
jugs and a Scat 78.4 crank. I have kept the cam stock and new stock heads. 
The heads are 54cc. I kept the CR at 7.5-1 because it is stock FI, but have 
used 914 2.0 liter injectors. The stock Type III air distributor network 
seems to work well with the larger injectors. 

Bottom line, the timing is at 2 BTDC with 30 total advance without 
pre-detination and it runs cool. With California fuel on my Ghia I have to do 
TDC or 2 ATDC with  8.1 to 1 or it rattles all over the place. It has 2 Type 
III carbs on it and is 1.7 liter. I am also running a Type III Injector 
distributor (minus the injector points) on this engine.... so both engines 
have the same  distributor.

Could you please give me your thoughts on the 2 liter FI engine setup and 
what I could have done different? Does the FI make any difference over 
normally aspirated engines for squash and such?

Thanks, Pat@volksclocks 
71 Dark Side Square FI 2 liter
73 Rust Bucket Speedster Ghia

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