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Re: [T3] Synthetic GL-4 found!

<x-flowed>At 03:37 PM 6/18/02 -0700, Erkson, Toby wrote:
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> The Amsoil in the yellow
> label was specifically GL-4!  But it was about $10 for a quart!
Is $10 a quart cheap or expensive for tranny oil?...

Relatively expensive, maybe, but I was thinking on this today and maybe this'll help put things into a bit of perspective.

I work at a semi-discount auto parts store. We sell Master 85-90W GL5 gear oil for $3.89 /quart. Conventional, dino-based gear oil, nothing special. The Amsoil in question is about $10/quart, BUT it's synthetic, which is more expensive than dino. It's also GL-4, which is (apparently*) becoming harder to find -- which also can translate to "more expensive" just due to the running around and hassle involved in finding it if your local FLAPS doesn't carry it.

$10/quart is a bit pricier than I'm used to paying for *anything*. But considering the quantity needed for a transaxle and the length of time between changes, is it really that much more in the end?

* to qualify my "apparently" comment, we also carry Sta-Lube 85-90W GL-4 at $2.69/quart and $13.95/gallon, and 90-140W GL-4 at $2.89/quart, both sitting on the shelf -- the gallons came in on today's delivery.

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