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[T3] C. R. Recommendations Views...

Shad, John & List..
I have to say wow!!! While I have not read all the GB stuff, and I know
folks almost gave him divine status, I have often wondered about all the
things GB say this and that about. I am sure for his time it was the
best practice he could figure out. I am also sure his stuff was very
conservative. I will give him credit, he tried thing and what work,
worked, what did not, didn't. 

I am sure we have advanced a long way since a lot of his theories were
worked out. I could never believe some thing like oil temp gauges were
worthless or pressure gauges. I have been a VW junkie for a long time.
BUT I started out as a V8 man. Spent many years as a mechanic at Chevy
and Pontiac, GMC trucks. I  was also a automotive  machinist, with a
number of those at a Performance shop. Super Flow head bench, Stewart
Warner balancer, Sunnen and all the goodies. 

I did a lot of Chev and Ford engines, some motorcycle, and Euro water
cooled. Everything I knew or thought I knew was in contrary to most of
the GB Ideas. All the Chevy head piston stuff I told myself just didn't
work on these air cooled engines even though I didn't know why. 

I have been questing stuff, reading stuff on STF, and else where, and
have come to the conclusion that maybe what I know is not worthless. Rod
length, stroke, CR., what gives you torque, hp and this stuff. I need to
talk to someone about these Ideas but do not want to bore the list.

So anyone want to talk Engine theories let me know. I think I will start
a thread on the STF engine forum.

Thanks all... Sorry for the long post 

Richard (PapaG) Green

New Ulm, Texas

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