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Re: [T3] need dash photos for reference please...

On 18 Jun 2002, at 10:07, Jason Ford wrote:

> Aha! I found the culrpit - Bondo!  Yes, Jim to the left of my ashtray is a very
> faint indention, so I reached behind the deash and felt the bondo that was used
> to fill the hole at some point.  At last now I can buy an emergency switch and
> wire it up.  The irony is that to prove there was no hole, I was going to take a
> digital picture.  It was only after I took the digital picture that I noticed
> the bondo.  :)

Nice work. I was wondering about this possiblity, but you beat me to it.  ;-)

> To the left of my steering column is the wiper switch and the headlight switch. 
> There are no lights or holes to the right of my steering column.

These two switches to the left sound right. I think that was the combination 
that was complained about at the time: Some people would reach to turn 
their wipers on at night and somehow bump the lights off instead. I never 
came remotely close to making this mistake, but that doesn't mean that it 
wasn't possible.

Any chance that there is a smaller hole up and right from the steering 
column that might have started out as the brake warning light before it was 
filled in too?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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