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Re: [T3] horn circuit

Note that Robert Mueller and Keith Park may have some special interest in 
this. I know that Rob is having trouble figuring out his steering column right 
now and Keith suffered under a misconception for years because a PO had 
rewired his notch horn circuit and done such a nice job that it looked original.

On 17 Jun 2002, at 11:49, Jason Ford wrote:

> 1.  Does the ground wire for the horn run directly to the button on a 1968-style
> Type 3?  Or does the ground go directly to the steering column and THEN to the
> button via some assembly?

Quoting from one of my early manuals since you're right, this is not covered 
well in the Bentley manual:

"The horn is connected to terminal 30 via the fuse box. A ground connection 
passes from the horn through the (-) terminal of the turn indicator switch to 
the ball bearing for the steering column which is insulated from the turn 
signal switch by a plastic bush. When the half ring is actuated, the current 
flows from the ball bearing to the steering column, upper part of steering 
wheel hub, horn half ring and horn ground connection to the steering box. 
The front axle is connected to the body by a ground strap and the horn half 
ring is insulated from the steering wheel hub." *

The horn circuit is one of the most confusing circuits on the car, and they 
didn't help by changing it in 71.

* Owner's Service Manual
For Volkswwagen Squareback & Fastback Sedans
published by Volkawagenwerk Aktiengessellshaft, 1966
Printed in Germany 11, 1966 [in English]

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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