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Cyberfastback wrote:

Great seeing Todd Daley and John L. but no other
listees.  Let¡¯s hope Terryville is all sunshine.
OK, so the show wasn¡¯t all bad.  After hearing
about a Notch for sale back during the Woodstock show
last September, I bought my first Notchback.  A
Canadian 71 auto w/ FI.  Happy Father¡¯s Day indeed.

1969 Fastback
1971 Notchback

My big score of the day, (not as big as Michael's
though, (nice Notch Michael!!!)), was a complete set
of dual port tins for $5.00.  Both fans, both fan
housings, flaps, upper/lower tins, even the elbows,
and the preheat pipes. It's only missing the little
flat tins around the intake maifolds,I think?, and the
lower cool tins, and or the tins that go between the
P/C's, and the pushrod tubes, (I have a set of both of
these though)), .  My other score was a nice used set
of early clear wrap-around turn signal lenses for


John La Francois
Blauvelt, NY USA
'65 Notch S (Nubb) Rusty project
'67 Beetle (Bubb) Current project
'98 Jetta GL (Wolfgang) Wife's D/D

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