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[T3] Litchfield, CT Show Report

This was the third straight year it rained on this
show but at least it wasn't cancelled like last year. 
The sun finally came out around 1:00 PM long enough to
warm things up for the nice tornado warnings.
   Three Squares in the show, a red 63-67, Susan from
Long islands orange 73 and a nice Stock red 73that i
haven't seen before.  There was a 67 Fastback for sale
in the swap area from NC for $3,700.  It was a prime
example of why good window rubber should be used to
keep your fire wall and engine bay from rusting out.
   The swap was actually decent even with the weather
keeping a lot of people home.  I picked up a nice
early hood for $50 and two NOS front right inner
wheelhouses (68-69).  After I bought those two the
guys pulls out another four, all 68-69 and all right
sides.  Where are all the lefts?  A pair of late clean
front fenders for $100 each, a NOS early hood, some
right side rockers, and a bunch of Square hatches.
There were a few other odds and ends as well like
64-66 muffler, even early bumpers.  Anyone in need of
the rear Notch glass and local to NJ can call Sue at
(908) 626-9350.
   Great seeing Todd Daley and John L. but no other
listees.  Let's hope Terryville is all sunshine.
   OK, so the show wasn't all bad.  After hearing
about a Notch for sale back during the Woodstock show
last September, I bought my first Notchback.  A
Canadian 71 auto w/ FI.  Happy Father's Day indeed.

1969 Fastback
1971 Notchback

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