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Re: [T3] Compression Ratio Recommendations

<x-charset iso-8859-1>That was my problem when I built my motor... reccomendations from exactly
opposite sides of the CR issue. I couldnt find any examples of high CR
engines with high mileage, but Berg could prove his reccomendations on his
motors so I went with him.
    I can say that the semi hemi and low CR on my Notch runs very cool, gets
better gas mileage than my Stock Square, and went like a raped ape up the
mountain last weekend when I hillclimbed it... almost 2 minutes faster than
the square and I wansnt all out... and I still have those lousy little foam
air cleaners on it.

... just my experiences


> > Berg reccomends 6.9:1 for 92 Oct and thats what I have on the Notch.  I
> > would reccomend this on a stock motor too.  Todays gas is crap!
> I would STRONGLY recommend not going to this very low compression ratio!
> Gas mileage, head temperature, engine life, and engine power will all
> suffer.  Today's gas may not be full of TEL, but it isn't so bad that
> is required.  That's one of Berg's absolute worst recommendations,
> especially when coupled with semi-hemi heads.  Yuck.

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