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Re: [T3] Compression Ratio Recommendations

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello-

> > The domie motors were 7.7 and they burned pistons like mad!
> > My Square has 7.2 and it knocks on 89 octane... Id never go this high!
> I agree. 68-71 came stock with 7.7:1 and this was dropped in 72 to 7.3:1
> because the octane was already starting to drop 30 years ago.

Although they may not be as groovy as they were with TEL, fuels today are
much better than they were just after TEL was first taken out of the

Another problem VW had was tuning the D-Jet.  Because the fuel injection
system is 100% analog and 100% open-looped, there is a notable variability
from unit to unit.  Although you can fine-tune the system with the pressure
sensor to match your computer with your engine (and actually change the
performance fairly well), VW didn't really do that.  The result was that
there were a good many systems that didn't run "quite right."  This is one
of the things that lead to the CR reduction band-aid...

Take care,
Shad Laws
LN Engineering - Aircooled Precision Performance

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