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Re: [T3] Interior/upholstery questions

I just did this with the panels for my Square and it worked really well.
Especially good for earlier models since the replacement panels I'm
aware of don't really match the originals. If you choose to do this, use
the old hardboard panel as a template for your new one and cut it as
accurately as possible (a jigsaw/handsaw combo worked well for me). Use
a sharp self-piloting 3/8" drill bit for the clip holes. Let the old
vinyl warm up in the sun to make it more pliable before gluing it in
place on the new panel since it has probably shrunk and hardened with
age. Make sure to glue only the vinyl that wraps to the back of the
panels--if you get glue anywhere else your panel clips will be very
visible when the panel is reinstalled (BTDT). Brush-on contact cement is
easier to control than aerosol glue. Before reinstalling the panel,
remember to glue a thin sheet of plastic between door and the panel to
keep water out, or else you'll eventually have to do it all over again.
Good luck!

62 343, 65 361

Everett wrote:
>>If you have nice vinyl, you could go to Home Depot and buy new
cut to fit, and glue on your new vinyl with that spray carpet glue from
your local auto parts store.  CHEAP!<<

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