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Re: [T3] Needle bearing repro.

On 11 Jun 2002, at 10:32, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> on 6/10/02 6:13 PM, Martinez, Leon at martinezl@ftscpac.navy.mil wrote:
> >I told him my requirements we slow speeds and couple of
> > thousand pounds, was going to be 200 dollars for 50 of these.
> > 
> > Not much interest was given and I found prestine bearings
> > but I still have the pionts of contacts.
> > 
> $200 for 50 of them seems pretty cheap for an item that's almost on the
> extinct list, doesn't it?

Seems too cheap. Even off-the-shelf wheel bearings are $5-8 each, although 
I don't know what kind of price I might get if I bought 50 of them. To tool up to 
make a real needle bearing sounds pretty costly, but I've never investigated 

It makes me wonder if he meant $200 each, if someone bought 50.

If this is really $200 for 50 and we need two sizes (upper and lower) then I'd 
think that for $400 we could get a lifetime supply for everybody. I'd almost be 
willing to make that investment, with the understanding that I'd be selling 
them for more than the straight $4 price. $10 would still be a bargain and $15 
would be in line with common bearings of similar sizes.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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