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Re: [T3] Wrecked '66-'67 Squareback

<x-flowed>At 06:21 PM 6/10/02 -0600, John Fischer wrote:
Ralph Nader had little influence over the design of type 3s

Thank god ... if we had to deal with energy-absorbing bumpers and doorbeams and the like, we'd need at least 120hp to get these cars to move! =)

My wife doesn't relish me traveling with my kids in my '69 square, and I
have gooten a quote from this guy to build a 6 point roll cage inside the
car: http://www.spidertrax.com/ but have decided it would ruin the car.

Honestly, I wouldn't sweat it too much -- I rear-ended a mid-70's Caddy (tank!) about 1 1/2 years ago in my '65 bug going about 25mph. It messed up the apron, hood, fenders and spare, but I was fine and the car still gets around (new hood/fenders, still need to do the clip). A buddy of mine totalled a Lexus on the freeway in his '72 bug, pulled out the fenders for tire clearance and drove away. I guess these cars are more solid than most of the new cars on the road.

Make *sure* you have a spare in the trunk, the spare is a good-sized bit of your crash protection. And (do I need to say this?) make sure everyone's wearing their seatbelts.

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