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Re: [T3] Model request

Your request for a fastback model/replica was posted
to a mailing list at www.vwtype3.org  .  Hopefully
your hubby does not read the list, for 2 reasons. 
First it will spoil his fathers day gift.  Second  you
could direct him to the site as part of the gift (it
is everything technical regarding VW type -3 's
(fastback - squareback - Notchback). 

Anyway there are only a few fastback models, and they
are a little hard to find.  The hardest part is to
find them in a resonable size.  Most common is the red
Matchbox car (1:64 scale) from 1968-69 with older
wheels or in Purple from 1970-72 with superfast
wheels.)  See my site at
http://www.vwdiecast.anomalous.net/   Sorry, the
for-sale listing is not up-to-date.  

I do have one red 68 regular wheel style available for
$8.50 (has some very small nicks on hood otherwise
very nice), and one Purple superfast style for
$14.50(also a little nicked up), add a original  box
for total of $24.50 (superfast only).  My shipping is
$3.50 USPS priorty.

The other common model is Mini-champs (1:43 scale,
approx 4 inches long).  They are producing 'NEW'
models, both Fastbacks and Squarebacks.  You can find
them regularly listed on e-bay for $32.99 (set at
minimum retail price.)  Original cars in this scale
were made by Dinky, Norev and Scala (to name a few). 
The Dinky is the nicest detailed model there is even
thought not the largest.  The price range on these
models are $30-60 or $80-125 with box.  I have a light
blue 1965-69 Norev model I would consider selling, if

There are also smaller cars that sometimes come up
made by Brekina or Wiking.  Expect to pay $7-15 on
these cars in HO scale, (1:87, about 1-1 1/2 inches
long) used in model train displays.  I do not have any
of these for sale, although you can see the savanna
beige model in pictures on the web site.  The
fastbacks are hard to come by, seems I will see 6-8
notchbacks - squarebacks for every fastback in this

As for larger scale models (maybe 1:24 ?)see this
e-bay auction.
This auction will likely close at $75-125 with the
very nice box. I am currently restoring 2 of these
approx 7 inch models.  One to match my car and the
other is under custom restoration becoming a match for
a fellow listee the 'purple passion'  ; ^ ) see link -

These are NOT the super collectable brand tin car. 
The 'Bandai' brand Tin VW in this condition would sell
for $175 +.  

I have once seen an actual plastic model kit for the
fastback.  It was original from the late 60's,
un-opened and in mint condition.  It sold for $255.  A
special variation matchbox, purple car with regular
wheels also sell's for $250-350 but obviously they are
very rare.    

Please let me know if you are interested, I take
paypal.com so fathers day is still within reach.

John R
69 Fastback FI-AT
& seriously considering another for a parts car : )
After all 'It is a disease!'

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