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[T3] The Classic - Pretty Fun

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Am just recovering from the Classic this weekend, was a pretty nice get
together and swap meet.   Some of the cool stuff that was on display was a
Schwimmwagen, oldbug.com's tracked military vehicle with a Type 2 body
grafted on top of it, our (Mesa West German Auto) 1958 Oval window with
matching custom tear-drop trailer, the Red Stripe sponsored (a great
Jamaican beer) race 914, etc.     Lots of interesting cars as well, bugs,
ghias, busses, etc.    There were some type 3's there as well, including a
beautiful medium blue notch that made my heart melt, but the t3 showing at
the show was quite small, maybe 12 cars, not including the Ghias.    Despite
manning our swap booth for most of the morning, I did manage to get around
the show and picked up some good finds for the squareback:   amber fog lamps
(NOS), a nice VDO gauge holder that I'm going to mount underneath the dash,
a new clock, a Flat 4 Eliminator shifter, a Flat 4 GTV steering wheel, and
some NOS Hella H4 headlamps.    Unfortunately, due to the fact that I had to
sell and buy, I didn't really get a chance to walk around and take pictures.
I did manage to get some beer-drinking done, which really makes the show, I
must say.

Next year we should have t3 listees meet up!    I'm also probably going to
the Solvang show later this year, so if you are too, let me buy you a
beverage of your choice.

Have a good week,


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