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Re: [T3] BA4

<x-charset Windows-1252>My '69 has the BA4 but I've never pulled the engine and tranny to look
closely at it!  Anthony Baker has pictures on his website of his car:


The blower mounts in a whole in the rear airbox next to the large main
engine bellows!  It then directs air through a plastic 'Y' and hoses into
specially-made upper heat exchanger junctions with a flap in each of them to
prevent the air from going the wrong way.  Cars fitted with this option were
a very special breed...  The exhaust sytem, body and even chassis had
special modifications, I imagine that they must have had a special
production line for them!  The coolest part of the whole sytem is the way
you turn it on...  When you pull the right-hand side heat control lever all
the way up it contacts a switch that closes an open circuit.  No dash switch
is requirted although there is an indicator light on the dash almost
identical to the brake warning light.


I seem to remember also seeing someones website where they had
> photos of this installation. Anyone still know the link?. Does anyone know
> how the blower was installed for a type3? I guess it would have to
> to the "banana" tubes that go from the fan housing into the upper H/Es?
> was this acheived?

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