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Re: [T3] stainless abarth repro

<x-flowed>At 11:03 AM 6/8/02 -0700, gregm@vwtype3.org wrote:
This one doesn't seem to have hit the U.S. Flat4 parts


Am I seeing this right? Looks like it has the hookups for the preheat exchangers?

For those of us that don't read Japanese, here's the translation from the Fish:

At the manufacturer which manages the tuning of the worldwide each car famous, the Italian
???? corporation, in the sixties developed because of VW TYPE-3
The reproduction of the sport muffler arrived with the first class item #304 make of the all stainless steel steel.

Exhaust efficiency, in horsepower improvement, fuel economy efficiency, and the advanced muffler which
considers durability, quality surpasses originally also is not inferior to the making which We have become.
And, being to be the all stainless steel muffler, as for the rust there are no either times
when of course, it is bothered in corrosion and the like, the stainless steel muffler
You can enjoy the unique exhaust sound which dries.

now I know who handles those instruction manuals... =)

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