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Re: [T3] BA4

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello-

> > My late Fastback rear seat had a thin crossbar down the middle of it.
> > had to be removed for clearance reasons.
> What happens when someone sits on the rear seat? How far can it depress
> before it hits something?

Not far enough :-)

Like I said, lots of testing was done before the car was completed.  The
rear seat was nothing but a metal frame - all upholstery was removed.  This
made it very easy to see how much clearance there was when both Charles's
and my fat butts were both atop it :-)  We also tried sitting in the middle
for a worst case.  Still no big deal.

It was instructive to do that test, as it showed us the places that would
hit first, so we moved various little items to make more room there.

Atop the gas heater is a heat shield.  In the worst case, when a sumo
wrestler goes for a ride, the seat may hit the shield, but still never
contacts the wiring that is neatly kept clear.  The only thing that rides
atop the heat shield is a fiberglass-insulated fuel line, which in itself is
very strategically placed to make it quite hard for even the worst case sumo
guy to get at it.

Take care,
Shad Laws
LN Engineering - Aircooled Precision Performance

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