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Re: [T3] White shift knob etc

Ron wrote:
>>I need some parts for my restoration of my '62 Type 343. (serial
0027895) The PO removed the cooling flaps from the 1500 motor so I need
therod from the thermostat to the bell crank, the rods from the bell
to the flaps and the flaps.<<

Simon's right, no thermostats in 62s. If your fan housing has holes for
the thermostat parts then the engine is likely not original.

>>I also need the early shift knob, all white,<<

They come up occasionally at the swaps, but are usually in poor
condition. A better bet might be to have someone like Koch's refinish a
later gray/white knob in solid white. That's what I plan to do since my
original shift knob is turning to dust.

>>and both the square emblem for the hood and the side Karmann emblem
that goes just in front the wheel well and just back from the passenger

Your best bet is to rely on Type 34 Registry connections. A few NOS ones
have come up in recent years but the prices can be obscene ($250+ for
the front emblem isn't unlikely).

Another 1962 343 restoration underway. Not for the faint hearted, but
worth the effort.

62 343, 65 361

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