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Re: [T3] BA4

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello-

> > I don't know if originality is a qualification for your car, but if not,
> > then there's another idea to consider for the BA4 - mounting it under
> > rear seat.  I installed mine there.
> Was it small enough to fit on just one side? I'd have expected it to
> removal of the battery AND the tunnel, which would remove a major strength
> member. Or did you fit it over the top somehow?

It is installed over the top of the tunnel.

The battery was indeed moved.  Additionally, you have to take off the
tarboard atop the tunnel both for a little clearance and for thermal
reasons... it burns up with temperature.  Then, I put a heat shield both
above and below the unit to keep heat off the tunnel (minor shield) and the
seat (major shield made of sheet metal and fiberglass insulation).

My late Fastback rear seat had a thin crossbar down the middle of it.  It
had to be removed for clearance reasons.

> > it recycles the interior air, much like a "max a/c" setting, so it can
> > even hotter.
> Just make sure your CO doesn't build up in there.

Aye.  We (Charles and I) were very careful when we made the exhaust system.
Basically, the equation is some flexible exhaust pipe, lots of muffler
paste, more muffler paste, and a bunch of fiberglass insulation used on
header systems.  The system was thoroughly tested with fire extinguishers
nearby before the rear seat was ever installed or the car even finished.
After the fiberglass insulation on the exhaust pipe finished "breaking in,"
the smoking all went away and the system performs well.  I've used it
continuously for a few hours during long car rides on 10-20F days... it
works :-).

Take care,
Shad Laws
LN Engineering - Aircooled Precision Performance

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