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<x-flowed>if you are meeting in Fullerton, I would suggest meeting at the greyhound train station in downtown. It is pretty central and I think you can leave your cars there.

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I have not gotten any inputs for a stop for gas/merge in the Fullerton area.
I need these to continue on to create a schedule for the other legs of the
journey if it is not given I cannot continue on since from then on many
will not meet and miss the merge. Read below, these are the meeting areas
for part one . Part one times/towns are located be low this.
Bakersfield, Tulare, Fresno, Merced and Modesto are the next part of the
trip. People are waiting to hear times for this part. Please give me a
I do not want this trip to get confusing. We need a completely defined route
in a couple of weeks to make a good schedule. Give me any inputs if my times
not logical too.

Part One of the trip :
#1 San Diego:

Presidio Hill Park in between Hwy 5 and Hwy 8 , Mission building at the
top. Meet at the parking lot in front of building.
#2 Oceanside:

Scott Wrote :
Ralph's off of Oceanside Blvd right off
of the 5. It's easy off and easy back on to the freeway.

#3 San Juan Capistrano:

Matt wrote:
If you are going to stop in San Juan Cap, I would suggest right off the
Ortega Hwy Exit, off to the left (from the Northbound exit) there is a gas
station and a bunch of fast food places, and there are gas stations off the
the right as well. Any of these will work.

#4 Fullerton: ????????????????

Need inputs.
#5 Santa Clarita:

Pat Kennedy wrote:
I would suggest that a good place in Santa Clarita to meet and have a pit
stop would be at Magic Mountain Parkway and the 5 freeway. There is a large
Chevron Station there with food and restrooms. Within a quarter mile, there
are 5 fast food restaurants and several regular restaurants if any one needs

hot food. There are also 3 more gas stations too. Get off at Magic Mountain
Parkway and turn left at the bottom of the ramp. This will have you go under

the 5 freeway and headed toward Magic Mountain. You will see the Chevron
Station at the next traffic light. Be in the left turn lane to get to it.

++++++++++++++++++++Part 1 of 4 of the route++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


*****************************PART ONE*******************************
17th of August

From San Diego

at Presidio Park . The San Diego people meet here at 0700 __________________________________________________________ 2)************ (collection area) to HWY 5 North 35 miles to Oceanside We hang around and collect then at 0800 we leave

35 miles to
3)*************       (collection area)
San Juan Capistrano  We arrive around 0845 and leave at 0900

45 miles to
4)************* (collection area)
Fullerton We arrive around 1000 and leave at 1015
(what place to meet ?)(gas/food?)
65 miles to Avoid getting off at LA because of giant traffic jams
5)************* (collection area)
Santa Clarita We arrive around 1130 and leave at 1145

100 miles to

***********************FOR LATER INPUTS*******************************

***************************OTHER PARTS**********************************

---Hwy 5 North to Hwy 99 to Sacramento---

Bakersfield (collection area)
60 miles to
Tulare (Collection area)
45 miles
Fresno (Collection area)
55 miles to
Merced  (???????)
40 miles to
Modesto (??????)
65 miles to

Sacramento (collection area and San Fransisco and coast cities route SWARM
merge area)

--- From HWY 99 taking HWY 80 East---

50 miles to
Meadow Vista
60 miles to
35 miles to
Reno (Got to rest and have some food big time at this point, let's
make it a campout)

From Reno, Nevada :

HWY 395 North to Oregon (hundreds of miles) then to HWY 20 in Burns , Oregon then to HWY 20 South to Parma Idaho.

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