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Re: [T3] silicone brake fluid.

On 5 Jun 2002, at 20:45, neil verdon wrote:

> well my two year old front brake hoses are all craking up on the outside
>  im not keen on any part of my brakeing system being flaky like this and im not
> impressed that after only two years they are this way
>  the rears look like old originals but still apear! ok.

The external "cracks" actually mean very little. The hoses may or may not 
be fine.

> down two my local auto parts place today to get a litre of silicone brake
> fluid never heard of it!!!  eventually after serching thru all there
> catalouges they find some in the motorcycle section dot 5 silicone brake
> fluid:-)  price 18 euro :-( .

It IS expensive, and keep in mind that DoT stands for US DoT, so I have no 
idea how well known it is outside the US.

> now either germans dont bother with silicone fluid or my local place are
> thick as mince (not normally).

It's not common here, either.

> just because its in the motorbike section does this mean its different to
> the dow corning purple coulered stuff i got in there at the moment ? is it
> ok.

Should be the same. Purple is part of the spec.

> oh yea that price is for 250ml my word.
> i intend to seal the reservoir up good and work fast to lose the minimum
> possible ive ordered 2 tins will this be enough!

If you're all prepared, and have a way to plug things, that will be plenty. Even 
if you let all the front fluid drain out that should be enough to replenish the 
fronts if this is a tandem system.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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