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[T3] The big clean

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Well all I dug up an old steering column in my garage(didnt know I still
 had it), and uesd it to fix the broken column from the would be theif.
 But onto this week. I decided to do the big clean on the engine since I
 had to pull it to replace the throw-out. It looks much better now, after
 two days of scrubing followed by a day of painting the tin, The inside of
 the aluminum fan shroud looked like some 80 year old guys arteries after
 about 10 million orders of cheese sticks, nice and clean now. Only
 problem is, in the process of putting the engine back in I snapped a part of my carb linkage, oh well, guess I dont get to drive it to the bar
 tonight. Sorry boudt the slightly long post, just wanted to update you
 all. Its summer, and its time to get workin'.    Jonathan


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