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Re: [T3] wont start when hot

On 6 Jun 2002, at 12:50, Drake . wrote:

> >If so, when you get in your car and turn the key ON
> >do you hear 2 distinct clicks, separated by about a 1 second pause?
> Normally yes, I dont know if this is changing for some reason when its hot. I
> have heard the pump relay operate correctly in the past, though I have not
> checked that lately. I will confirm that it is still functioning correctly

It won't change on its own. It would require that someone work on the engine. 
The common problem arises when the starter is replaced and the wires on it 
are put back on in the wrong places.

> I just checked the air temp switch, along with the head temp switch last 
> weekend, they both ohmed out ok...2.4k on the head, and 320 I believe on the air
> temp (cold)...easy thing to check ill do it again.

These are the temp SENSORS, and they have nothing to do with the CSV. 
The temp SWITCH is different and is a larger lump with a single terminal 
mounted to the case under the intake air distributor. The SW|ITCH is either 
open or closed, depending on the temp. Basically, at any temp above 40F it 
will be open.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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