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Re: [T3] Rear seat belts

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> I'd sure hate to be stuck in the back seat with 3 people there for
> any appreciable distance, though.

My kids used to complain about the Squareback rear seat once they got
anywhere near adult size (at about 12 years old probably!), and my wife
still does!

> I've never seen a type 3 with 3 rear belts. Was this standard in other
parts of
> the world?

I don't expect they were usually supplied, but no doubt an M-number covered

> > The proper mounting point isn't a pan bolt; it has a reinforcing shaped
> > and captive square nut for the (?) 5/16" thread, with a plastic
> > plug and rubber washer as for the other blanked off mountings. Wasn't
> > installed on the USA models?  I am surprised if so - the USA led the way
> > car safety belts I think.
> The plastic cross-head plug sounds right for the upper outer mount in the
> pillar, but IIRC the 2 lower points are just M8 bolts. We never got rear
> belts in the US, but the front upper mounts are 7/16" threads. My GUESS is
> that the rears are the same, but I wouldn't swear to it.

7/16" sounds fine for rears too - they are definitely the same as I have
used the old front 3-point statics in the rear when replacing the fronts
with inertia reel belts.
In my '71 and '72 all un-used (ie rear) mounting points had the plastic
blanking screw, plastic and rubber washer fitted.  I think only two holes
were provided centrally - one each side of the tunnel with a large
reinforcing plate behind the panel above the front end of the transmission.
There were 2" diameter holes cut out in the felt lining to get to these -
there were two more, closer to the tunnel by 1972, maybe to improve the
choice of fitting points if only two rear belts were fitted, though my 72
doesn't have the captive nuts on these.  I'll do some photos when I get the

> BTW, my 71 had the cross head plug in one side and smooth vinyl on the
> other side. The threaded insert was in the C pillar on both sides.
> someone on the assembly line only got one plastic plug installed. I owned
> the car for years before I noticed that.
> You're absolutely right about the formed plate for the outer lower mount,
but I
> was thinking that this was an M8 bolt.

Nope - it's a size close to an M8, but it's that funny USA/UK thread again!
It's on the side ledges where the seat rests on a Fastback, well above the
pan at that point, usually under a thick felt pad.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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