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Re: [T3] wont start when hot

<x-flowed>> > just wont start when its hot.

Is that to say that if you park it while hot, but let it sit until it cools down that
it will then start just fine?


If so, when you get in your car and turn the key ON
do you hear 2 distinct clicks, separated by about a 1 second pause?

Normally yes, I dont know if this is changing for some reason when its hot. I have heard the pump relay operate correctly in the past, though I have not checked that lately. I will confirm that it is still functioning correctly

> I was going to unplug the connection to the cold start injector

This is possible, but ONLY if there are other things miswired. Try this, AND
do the tests above.

will not fire in warm weather. I have never seen a bad temp switch, seen several cars with miswired CSV circuits. There is one miswiring

I just checked the air temp switch, along with the head temp switch last weekend, they both ohmed out ok...2.4k on the head, and 320 I believe on the air temp (cold)...easy thing to check ill do it again.

If you are refering to the miswiring of swapping the air temp and the CSV, then thats not the case here. I also checked that when I checked the resistance of the air temp switch...the correct plug was plugged into the air temp switch. Then again, I did not check to see what was plugged into the cold start valve...I will check all the items and report back on my findings.



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