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Re: [T3] wont start when hot

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> If it happens every time the car is shut off when hot, then there is a
> standard explanation and solution, but I gather that your experience is
> random. Does it ever stumble or stop while driving?

According to my wife, who is the driver...it always runs perfectly fine it
just wont start when its hot. The only "issue" the engine is still having is
the fact that the idle wont adjust up more than 900 rpm's or so. I recently
replaced the VR and the one injector that I had found faulty, as well as re
tightened the head temp sensor that was loose. The engine runs better than
ever, just refuses to start when hot. (this would happen before I performed
any of the work mentioned above)

It seems to be only when the engine is extremely warm, it was 93 here
yesterday. No hesitation or sputtering once it is able to start. Yesterday
my wife mentioned that she smelled fuel, but that was after she got out of
the car after attempting to start it a few times. She did try turning the
key on and off a few times, as was suggested by a few people on the list, No

To my knowledge it has happened everytime it has been attempted to start the
engine when it is very warm. I didn't mean to make it sound like a random
problem, the car is generally sitting for a length of time before it is
called upon to perform again. Occasionally my wife will make a quick stop,
and then attempt to start the car again after say 15 mins. Its then that the
specter rears its ugly head.

I did try unplugging the air temp sensor previously and the problem still
presented itself. As it didn't seem to do anything I of course plugged it
back in.

I was going to unplug the connection to the cold start injector next, I seem
to remember sometime back that this could cause flooding. Two things come to
mind as to whats behind this issue. Vapor lock, or flooding. I would think
that 30 psi of fuel would be able to break any vapor lock, so that leaves
flooding. Flooding with fuel injection also seems like an improbability, but
I seem to recall someone suggesting that the cold start injector can cause
flooding. I do not remember the circumstances though that would cause the


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