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Re: [T3] 71 or 72 Variant L Advice (Long)

On 6 Jun 2002, at 13:09, Ben Doughney wrote:

> I just went to have a look at a 1600 Variant LE out of the paper today. I am not
> sure if it is a '71 or '72. The car is registered as a '71 but on the chassis
> number, it starts with 362 2 something, so it must be a '72 MY?? 

Yes, that's a 72.

> It is fuel injected, and I wouldn't have a clue where to start
> troubleshooting it. That was the first time I have seen a FI type 3 in
> person. Could someone give me a brief rundown on where the major parts are? I
> saw a large box under the rear seat- is this the ecu? I would like to go back
> with my 12V car (I was driving my '63 at the time so it is only 6V) and try to
> jump start it. Is it OK to jumpstart this car with the FI,

That's not the brain. You can jump start it, but the best thing to do is 
connect the jumper cables and then run the donor car at med RPM for a 
minute or so to get as much charge as you can into the OLD battery. Then 
try to start it. Chances are it won't, since it was probably parked because it 
didn't run, and these things, like moldy cheese in the frige, don't just get 
better when left alone.

You need a Bentley manual to deal with this, and a lot of time to ask 
questions. Start by getting in the car and turn the key ON. You should hear 
a relay click and another click a second later; do you hear both of these 

> Do these have a nylon bushing around the shift rod like the beetles do? 


> The engine looked quite clean, it looks as if it has been rebuilt before,
> (the case is painted) and the oil was quite clean looking.

Probably a bad sign, meaning that it was rebuilt and something didn't work 
out and that's why it has been parked.

> The wiring for the FI looks like it has been replaced in some places, what
> looked like ground wires were newer looking than the rest, and they were
> white instead of the brown that is usually used for ground. 

The FI wires are ALL white.

> and the spark
> plugs look like they are hard to change! ;-)

Plugs are actually easier to change on the FI engines than on the dual carb 

> I think that is about it, if anyone could offer me some suggestions for
> basic troubleshooting of the FI that I can do in the persons' driveway, that
> would be excellent. I will probably need to take a multimeter with me and I
> guess a pressure gauge as well as the normal screwdrivers and spanners and other
> basic tools?

Do the test above. With the key ON check that you hear 10 or so clicks from 
the FI injectors as you  press the pedal to the floor. Listen under the front of 
the car to see if you can hear the fuel pump running during that ~1 second 
between the 2 relay clicks.

Maybe tell us where you are so you could get some FI help. This is NOT 
something you can expect to just pick up quickly from an email or 2.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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