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[T3] 71 or 72 Variant L Advice (Long)

Hi list,

I just went to have a look at a 1600 Variant LE out of the paper today. I am
not sure if it is a '71 or '72. The car is registered as a '71 but on the
chassis number, it starts with 362 2 something, so it must be a '72 MY??
Anyway, the car doesn't run, it has been sitting around for about a year.
The owner said the problem was 'too much fuel', but his English wasn't the
best so I am not quite sure what he meant. The battery was flat (I think, he
turned the key and nothing happened- no gen or oil lights), so I couldn't
hear it turn over.

It is fuel injected, and I wouldn't have a clue where to start
troubleshooting it. That was the first time I have seen a FI type 3 in
person. Could someone give me a brief rundown on where the major parts are?
I saw a large box under the rear seat- is this the ecu? I would like to go
back with my 12V car (I was driving my '63 at the time so it is only 6V) and
try to jump start it. Is it OK to jumpstart this car with the FI, or would
it be best to take the battery from my other car and try to start it off

The body itself looked to be mostly rust free, with some rust under the
spare tyre, and small bubbles along the bottom of the doors and across the
front of the bonnet. The floorpan on it is excellent, with no rust at all,
it looks like it has had some repairs done on the rocker panels, and they
seem to be quite solid. I had a look at the back of the front mudguards, and
the rear mudguards, and there is no rust through there. Up the front, I
pulled the carpet back and had a look at the inner guards and they were
solid also. Under the rear seat looked really good, I think it is generally
a pretty solid body.

We tried to push it forwards so I could get a better look at the engine,
because it is parked up against a house, but it wouldn't move, so I think
the brakes must be seized. Also the handbrake cables seem to be broken, as
there is no resistance when the handbrake lever is pulled up. I pressed on
the brake pedal a couple of times, and it seemed quite solid, so I don't
think the hoses are too bad. The upholstery is mostly ok, the back seat and
passenger seats are fine, although the drivers seat has a crack down the
middle of the cover.

The speedo said it had done 56K odd miles, but I didn't ask if it was 156K,
so it could have been. I moved the gear stick through all four gears, and it
seemed a bit sloppy, especially in first. Do these have a nylon bushing
around the shift rod like the beetles do?

The engine looked quite clean, it looks as if it has been rebuilt before,
(the case is painted) and the oil was quite clean looking. Under the engine
looked also quite clean, just the usual oil film on the bottom of the
gearbox and engine case. It has an extractor exhaust on it, and it looks
like part of the heater system is missing, because the air outlets on the
fan housing are blocked, I presume there are supposed to be hoses going down
to the heat exchangers or something? The wiring for the FI looks like it has
been replaced in some places, what looked like ground wires were newer
looking than the rest, and they were white instead of the brown that is
usually used for ground. Apart from that I didn't really know what I was
looking at with the FI, and the spark plugs look like they are hard to
change! ;-)

I think that is about it, if anyone could offer me some suggestions for
basic troubleshooting of the FI that I can do in the persons' driveway, that
would be excellent. I will probably need to take a multimeter with me and I
guess a pressure gauge as well as the normal screwdrivers and spanners and
other basic tools?

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo


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