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Re: [T3] Poor Upholstry fit

Jim Adney wrote:

> On 5 Jun 2002, at 21:00, Simon Glen wrote:
> > The manual is quite specific on these changes which correspond exactly to
> > chassis numbers and model year changes.  Volkswagen in Germany would not be so
> > imprecise as to just keep using materials until they ran out of stock.
> I would have put this somewhat differently. I think it was common for VW to
> use up old stock until it was depleted to some point, thus all the changes
> that took place various times of the year. OTOH, it was always very typical of
> VW to keep good records of when the changovers actually occurred.

Yes, but Volkswagen have always had a policy of "continual improvement" and
therefore tend to make changes at any time during a model year when it was
considered necessary for an improvement.  So, I doubt whether changes were made or
delayed just to make sure stock is used up.  Their ordering system from component
suppliers would not be that badly organised bearing in mind the policy of continual

However, in this case the Volkswagen parts manual has made it abundantly clear
when  changes to seat covers were made.  The changes related to chassis numbers
cannot be disputed and for a major specialist aftermarket supplier like trim
manufacturer TMI not to be aware of these changes and when they occured is
inexcusable.  They should not have gone into the business of making seat covers for
Type3s if they did not have access to a Volkswagen parts manual.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba,  Australia.

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