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[T3] silicone brake fluid.

<x-charset iso-8859-1>hi
well my two year old front brake hoses are all craking up on the outside

 im not keen on any part of my brakeing system being flaky like this and im
not impressed that after only two years they are this way

 the rears look like old originals but still apear! ok.

so i ordered a set of stanless braided hoses two put an end to this forever
from csp here in germany and very nice they are as well.

down two my local auto parts place today to get a litre of silicone brake
fluid never heard of it!!!  eventually after serching thru all there
catalouges they find some in the motorcycle section dot 5 silicone brake
fluid:-)  price 18 euro :-( .

now either germans dont bother with silicone fluid or my local place are
thick as mince (not normally).

just because its in the motorbike section does this mean its different to
the dow corning purple coulered stuff i got in there at the moment ? is it

oh yea that price is for 250ml my word.

i intend to seal the reservoir up good and work fast to lose the minimum
possible ive ordered 2 tins will this be enough!

neil verdon
66sqr on irs pan
off the speedo in germany if i can.

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