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Re: [T3] Rear seat belts

On 5 Jun 2002, at 11:08, Dave Hall wrote:

> > Your 72 should have come with retractable belts, but the rears would only
> have been 2 point belts.
> > There is already a reinforced plate w/nut for this anchor. It is one of
> the pan bolts ...

> Eh?  There are mounting points for two 3-point belts and one 2-point in a
> '72, Jim. 

I wonder if we're talking about different things here. If you're suggesting that 
you could install a single 2 point belt in the middle, then I suppose this might 
be possible. I'd sure hate to be stuck in the back seat with 3 people there for 
any appreciable distance, though.  

I've never seen a type 3 with 3 rear belts. Was this standard in other parts of 
the world?  

> The proper mounting point isn't a pan bolt; it has a reinforcing shaped plate
> and captive square nut for the (?) 5/16" thread, with a plastic cross-head
> plug and rubber washer as for the other blanked off mountings. Wasn't this
> installed on the USA models?  I am surprised if so - the USA led the way in
> car safety belts I think. 

The plastic cross-head plug sounds right for the upper outer mount in the C 
pillar, but IIRC the 2 lower points are just M8 bolts. We never got rear 3-point 
belts in the US, but the front upper mounts are 7/16" threads. My GUESS is 
that the rears are the same, but I wouldn't swear to it.  

BTW, my 71 had the cross head plug in one side and smooth vinyl on the 
other side. The threaded insert was in the C pillar on both sides. Apparently 
someone on the assembly line only got one plastic plug installed. I owned 
the car for years before I noticed that.   

You're absolutely right about the formed plate for the outer lower mount, but I 
was thinking that this was an M8 bolt. I could be completely wrong about 
that. From above IIRC it just looks like another pan bolt. I'll have to refresh 
my memory on that.  

I'd have to look again to be sure, but I thought that the inner lower mount was 
just a pan bolt. If that's a pan bolt, maybe that's why it didn't need a 
reinforcing plate, since it already went thru 2 strong pieces of steel.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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