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Re: [T3] '68 sqbk w/ sunroof $400

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I had the good fortune of acquiring a 72 Square w/ sunroof AND a 73 Square
w/ sunroof!
The engine in the 72 was good.  The body on the 73 was near perfect.

Sunroof parts are indeed hard to find.  West Coast Metric had a pretty good
selection though.  I think they also have a instructional supplement to the
Bentley manual.  A must if you have a sunroof.

The sunroof rocks on the highway.  I regularly cruise at 75 + mph with the
roof open.  It's as quiet as you might expect at 75, but the stereo fills
the gap!  I put insulation in every nook and cranny I could.  It definitely
helps with noise.

My square is also a daily driver. I love the way it handles and you can pack
a mess of stuff in there for roadtrips.

Nate Peterson
73 Square

ps:  You'll smile every time you wave to your friends through the sunroof

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> On 1 Jun 2002, at 13:50, Rob Carpenter wrote:
> > I have an oppertunity to buy this car, its complete,
> > although the motor needs rebuilt. Are the sunroofs
> > rare in this car? Im assuming perhaps parts are easier
> > to find than my '63 Notch. Im looking for a daily
> > driver is this a reasonable asking price for the
> > sunroof model, how much would a rebuild kit cost
> > anyway?
> I think the sunroofs are quite scarce, as are parts for them. So I would
> that the sunroof you have is in good shape. There's not much you can
> buy in the way of replacement parts.
> I really like my 69 sunroof. After taking it apart with the help of the
> good instructions in the Bentley manual, and cleaning and lubing
> it works really well and si extremely pleasant to drive in. Less wind
noise and
> buffeting than a Mercedes sunroof of the same era.
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