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Re: [T3] Rear seat belts

On 4 Jun 2002, at 19:44, craig.webb wrote:

> 1) I can see clearly enough the mounting points on the 'c' pillar and in the
> bodywork just above the chassis tunnel by the chassis number.  However, where is
> the third mounting point?, does the belt anchor into the raised circular lump of
> metal on the rear inner wing, the same place where the rear seat bolts into?

NO, this point has little strength and is often the first place to break off.

> 2)  If I fit retractable belts, rather than static, I was thinking of
> cutting out a section of the inner wing just above the wheel arch (just
> behind the back seat in line with the 'C' pillar bolt hole), welding a
> captive nut to a thick piece of plate and welding the plate into the wing.
> Is this the recommended way?

> 1972 Squareback

There is already a reinforced plate w/nut for this anchor. It is one of the pan 
bolts below the outer rear corner of the rear seat bottom. Your 72 should 
have come with retractable belts, but the rears would only have been 2 point 
belts. I think I have some of these for sale from my 72 if you want them.

If you want to add 3 point belts in the rear, then it will take some work to 
modify a front reel to work back there. They must be vertical to work properly.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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