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Re: [T3] Engine Temp

Please, no offence intended.  It is just that previous contributors on this
subject of oil temperature used degrees centigrade.  And, I bought my VDO oil
temperature guage back in 1973 at a reduced price as old superseded stock just
a few months before we went metric here and so I got used to living with my
car's engine performance and monitoring system in the "old" farenheit scale.

[Nevertheless, it still does amuse me to see continual reference to those
antiquated "quarts" especially when discussing matters like the amount of oil
in an air cleaner for a vehicle like a VW Type3 which could hardly be a more
metric car.  Yet, even my 1966 edition of the US-published Henry Elfrink
"Volkswagen Type3 Technical Manual" says the air-cleaner for single
carburettor cars takes 0,25litres and the twin-carb air-cleaner takes
0,4litres.  It makes no mention of quarts.]

Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia.

Drake wrote:

> > That engine had a VDO dipstick oil temperature guage and gave readings in
> the
> > old farenheit scale.
> heh, what are you trying to say? That we Americans are using old, outdated
> measurements, that we should have ditched a long time ago in favor of what
> everyone else in the world is using, so that things would be simpler all
> around. Not to mention that we have said we would ditch them in the past,
> but have blown that off as well :)
> Drake

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