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Re: [T3] Vapor Lock?

On 2 Jun 2002, at 0:49, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> Checked the head temp sensor before I started the car today: 1800 ohms.
> Drove it a few miles to my studio and tested it there: 180 ohms.

Okay, I finally remembered to get out my Bosch manuals and see what they 
said about the normal range of these sensors. Here's what it says:

14F:  7-12 kOhms
68F: 2-3 kOhms
122F: 0.68-1.0 kOhm

Since this is in the head, the temp can go well above 122F, so I suspect that 
180 Ohms is not unusual for this sensor, when hot.

I've taken one of these sensors apart and from the way they are made I think 
there are only 3 possible failure modes: shorted, open, or intermittent. I really 
think this one is fine.

You also mentioned that you replaced the fuel pump relay and this seemed 
to cure the running-on problem. I really don't think it could, since the fuel 
pressure will stay up for quite a few seconds after the pump shuts down. If 
you don't believe this, just disconnect the pump fuse or the pump relay plug 
sometime and see how long you can keep the engine running with the pump 
off. Of course this is under no load, but that would be the same as when you 
shut off the key.

If it was the main FI power relay that was sticking, that would be completely 
different, as shutting off the power to the injectors should stop the FI 
instantly, even if the fuel line is under pressure.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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