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Re: [T3] Notch on e-Bay part II....and then there's this.

DGaries808@aol.com wrote:

> What a restoration ultimately costs is the key. If a man can't see his way
> out after spending about $20,000, he should change hobbies. I think that I
> will ... Hmmmm ...
> Don Garies
> dgaries808@aol.com


I totally agree in principle with what you are saying about restoration costs
getting out of hand.  The other big danger is that part way through restoration
you realise the horrible truth that costs are skyrocketing and so you cut
corners, take cheaper options and end up with a vehicle that is not the superb
restoration that you dreamed of creating.

However, one way around this problem is to take a long time over restoration not
cutting corners and not taking cheaper options so that over that long period of
several years you do not notice the horrendous cost of restoration.  And, never
be tempted to sit down with the calculator and add up all the bills or, if you
do, never let your spouse or partner see the figures!!

And, of course, never kid yourself that you could get your money back on your

Simon Glen
Toowoomba,  Auistralia.

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