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RE: [T3] Trigger contacts

In a word, No.  You have to check them in relation to each other.  I don't
have my Bentley handy to get the numbers, but it is like #21, 22, and 20?
But you check the two outside pins for continuity, then one on the middle
pin and one on the outside pin.   I think that the below was sent to me as
advise on testing the contacts and it was just as stated.  One word of
caution.  I tested mine with this method and they responded well, however
they were still very cruddy and needed cleaning.  If I would have just went
by this reading, I would have missed the problem.  But I think you already
posted that you cleaned them, just an FYI.  
Jason Smith
'72 Fastback FI AT
'97 Jetta
http://jasontsmith.tripod.com/vw.htm <http://jasontsmith.tripod.com/vw.htm> 

>Ran across this while perusing old unread posts. 
>The trigger points inside the distributor body control the firing of the 
> injectors. It is easy to test the operation of these points with a VOM. It

> has a 3-pin connector. Middle connector lug is common. Test continuity of
> the points with the VOM while somebody cranks the engine for you. If
> using an analog VOM and the points are good, you will see the needle swing

> back and forth as the points open and close. Question: with the VOM do you
just clip one lead to the respective lug 
>and the other to ground? 

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