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[T3] 63 notch for sale, maybe

I found a car I really want...i want to see if any of you are interested in
my notch...i am enclosing a report done, 5 years ago by a guy who was going
to buy the notch then...he sent a friend out to inspect it...it has a bit
more rust then it did then...but it could be a great project...will anyone
give me $1500?  Some pics at http://rainman.friendlynet.com or

Here is the report...glen is the guy who came to look at it.

Hi Shawn,

This is a compilation of information gained from Ray Gifford via e-mail
and phone, and by Glen Wittnam, an impartial 3rd party who lives near
Ray and checked the car for me.  My comments about the car are at the

(Ray -- I lost some of my notes from conversations with Glen and you.  I
think what I have here is right, though.  I'll let you send along any
corrections to Shawn.)


This is nominally a '63 Notchback, but has much of it's sheet metal from
2 later-model donor cars.  A '67 model provided the pan and front
fenders (just the fenders, right Ray?  not the whole clip).  A '65 was
the source of the doors and rear fenders.  Floorpans were obtained from
a '67 Square.  Engine is a recently built 1835.  Still has the swing
tranny.  Has 4-lug Porsche replica alloys -- brakes (disc/drum) from '69
Square.  All electricals converted to 12v except the wiper motors.
Current tires are no good -- all flat.


Ray has done a lot of work on the sheet metal.  Most of the door dings,
etc., have been smoothed, filled, and primed.  There was some rust
damage around the bottom outside edges of the rear windows, but this has
been repaired, too.  Glen said he thought there might be a bit of rust
reappearing there, but it would be a very minor fix to sand it out and
re-prime.  Front and rear lids look good.  Front lid has a hinge which
will possibly require a little attention -- wants to fold the wrong way.
 Front and rear aprons have both been the subject of a lot of work by
Ray.  Apparently there was an earlier fix on them (by the PO) which was
not so good.  Ray has taken them down to bare metal, banged them smooth
as possible, re-filled, and primed.  Glen said that in the long run he
would rather replace the aprons.  I probably would, too, considering the
good condition of everything else on the exterior.

The pans may have a little surface rust on the exterior.  Glen could not
get down there and look (he was on crutches at the time) but he did run
his hand underneath and thought he felt a little bit.  everything is
solid, though, and probably just needs a little wire brush time and some
POR-15.  Both boots seem in good shape.  Need a bit of clean-up and
maybe paint, though the front boot is recently painted with Ford 'deep
jewel green.'

The left front fenderwell had some rust perforation.  Ray cleaned the
rust and repaired the damaged area with fiberglass.

There is a sunroof, but it is just wedged in place -- not mechanically
operational for now.  It blew out at speed and got a few dings in the
front edge, but these look like they could be easily fixed.  Most of the
parts required for properly re-mounting the sunroof are already bought.

One rear fender needs to have its beading installed (Ray has the


The 1835 seems to run OK.  It's very fresh with only a few miles on it.
Ray cranks it regularly and lets it run for a bit.  There is a mild cam
inside.  The pistons and cylinders came from another engine.  I heard no
reports of any leaks.  All the tin is in place and fits properly.  I
have lost my notes about the carbs, but I think Ray said they are dual
PICTs (32?  34?  can't remember).  Also has a 009 distributor and Monza
exhaust .


Everything seems to be in good shape.  Front beam is solid.  Shocks and
torsion bars are good.  Outer tie rod ends recently replaced.  As
mentioned before, brakes are from a '69 and are in good order.  There
was a pull to one side under braking, so Ray made some repairs (new
brake lines, new master cylinder, new wheel cylinders).  Don't recall if
the brakes have been used since repair.

All four tires are flat and must be replaced.


Front seats are high backs and in good shape.  Can be used as is or
recovered.  Carpet and headliner are purchased but not installed.  Back
seat is in good shape.  Seat bottom is from a Golf and fits well (Glen
confirmed this).  Dash is in good shape (Ray - dash came from the '65?)
and the instruments (except clock, of course) are OK.  Floors in good
shape.  Did not receive any word about door panels and quarter panels,
but I had figured to replace them anyway (only about $150 from TMI for
all four upholstered panels).  Interior has been painted the same Ford
green as the front boot.


Everything is apparently good.  Car is 12v except for wipers.  Needs
wiper arms.  Headlight switch has a loose contact, but can be easily
fixed.  Lights all work.  Has wraparound turn signal / side marker
lights, but I think Ray said he also has a set of bullets if you want to
change them out.  Rear lenses are Euro (amber over red).


Expect to replace all door seals and scrapers.

Let me know.


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