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Re: [T3] Notch on e-Bay

In a message dated 6/2/02 9:23:03 PM Central Daylight Time, notchboy@cox.net 

<< Subj:     Re: [T3] Notch on e-Bay
 Date:  6/2/02 9:23:03 PM Central Daylight Time
 From:  notchboy@cox.net (Jason Weigel)
 To:    type3@vwtype3.org (Type 3 Mailing List)
 You seem a bit freaked over nothing. The car granted has incorrect crap on
 it but for the most part is clean and intact. When I read your thread prior
 to seeing the car I was expecting a chopped clown car! The carbs are eithor
 stock solexes or the Brosal version of such. The filter is Brazilian and Im
 amazed they got it to fit under a notch deck. Ive never been able to make
 mine fit. To tall. The gauges all over the place is a little much. They at
 least put correct rubber in the windows and not Cal. There are definatly
 alot of later parts on it but for the most part if an owner is not anal
 these parts usually find theur way onto a early car. All in all its no
 concoarse bueaty but its as well not a screwed notch eithor. I would buy it
 for $1800.
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 From: "Marc Bona" <chillz1@angelfire.com>
 To: "Type 3 Mailing List" <type3@vwtype3.org>
 Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 11:54 AM
 Subject: [T3] Notch on e-Bay
 > http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1832304114
 >                    Doesn't it just make your skin crawl
 > when you see a type 3 taken this far from stock, called
 > "restored"? To me, restored means taken back to factory
 > original condition. Take a look at the dual carb air
 > cleaner on this car. I've NEVER seen one that looked
 > like this. The owner says it's equiped with Kadrons,
 > which is not possible due to the fact that it's all
 > under the decklid. Even with short manifolds, the
 > Kadrons are still to tall to fit under the lid. Looks
 > like the OEM solex's to me. Overall, looks like too
 > much EMPI gear, to be a low mileage car...to me,
 > anyways.
I looked at that Notch. It has so many problems that it would cost at least 
$25,000 to  restore. It has been sitting for 28 years, it has no motor, one 
wheel is frozen, it needs a paint job, as usual, and it's generally a mess. 
You'd have to be brave to even accept the Notch as a project if he gave it to 
you. Frankly, I think that the seller is asking about $1,800 too much for it.

Don Garies

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