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[T3] important list news -- please read


I've received more technical details of the change that the vwtype3.org Web/mail host is going to make.

It turns out that it's not a simple "upgrade", but rather a move to a different platform (Linux to Solaris) and a differently-configured machine. Pretty much the same kinds of services will be available on the back end, but they will be different enough in the short term to break the Web version of the list, the classifieds, the scrapbook, and the auto-updating front page of vwtype3.org.

In the very short term (i.e., this week), the domain will indeed get moved. I'll keep the list going, but it may look and feel different -- for example, for a day or so, we may lose the [T3] in the Subject:, the digests will look different, and the attachment/html/size limits will probably be removed. I should be able to restore the functionality of the list to what folks are generally used to, but it may take a day or so.

The notice of the move was too short to do much else than just go along for the ride at this point. However, depending on the new service and how easy or difficult it will be to restore the list and the Web site (such as it is...) to what it's been, I may find it easier to eventually move the services to another provider (sigh) who's still reselling exactly the same set of features that we're currently using (i.e., another Alabanza reseller). The current list and Web tools would just plug right in to one of these other reseller's machines and work just like they've been working.

The change is supposed to happen overnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, U.S. time. I will be watching, and will do what I can to accommodate the changes. While I will want feedback regarding the changes, it's probably best to wait a couple of days -- I may not reply to "why did the list change?" or "did you see what the new list does?" messages, as I'll probably be busy trying to fix what you're writing about. :)


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