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[T3] FS: 1967 Fastback in FL

<x-charset iso-8859-1>For Sale:  1967 VW Fastback

ASking $2500 or best offer

The car is in excellent physical shape, but is cosmetically challenged.
It needs a new coat of paint, interior, and a motor.  I've put lots of
new parts on the car already and I can throw in most of the engine tin
and original carbs for the motor.  The only rust holes are in the battery
area and I've cleaned and applied rust preventative to stop spread.

New parts include (I'm sure I've missed a few items):
Window rubber on all windows
Ball joints (could use new boots)
Tie rod ends
Steering box
Needle bearings and seals for lower front torsion bar
KYB Gas shocks, all around
Rear axle seals
Rear Wheel cylinders
All flexible brake lines
Front rotors and wheel bearings
Rebuilt master cylinder
Heavy duty clutch throwout arm
Urethane transmission mounts
Shift coupler
Shift rod bushing
Rear torsion bar rubber bushings
Emergency brake cables

Rear pop-out windows have been converted over to non-popouts, but I still
have the original glass.  The car has also been lowered 1 notch in the rear
and 3 notches in the front.  It also needs a proper ignition switch.
I've wired up (properly!) an under-dash switch to use.  The contacts are
fried in the original.

The car was a side project for me, but I have another project that I want to
So I would like to give this car a new home to someone that will be able to
take care
of it.

I am located in Bradenton, FL.  If interested please contact me at

Joe Plowick

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