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Re: [T3] Vapor Lock?

On 2 Jun 2002, at 7:46, Drake wrote:

> I checked mine out yesterday first thing in the morning. 2.5k ohms air temp
> sensor was 320 ohms. While measuring the head temp sensor I noticed that I was
> getting an intermittant reading. I thought perhaps the sensor wire was broken at
> first, then I noticed that the head temp sensor had come loose and was making a
> very poor contact to the head (electrically). I pulled the sensor out all the
> way, and measured across the sensor.

A loose sensor would certainly confuse the Brain and cause some problems. 
I trust you got it tightened back down nicely now.

> I also adjusted the valves and changed the oil, something I dont like
> though, all the exhaust valves were again tight. Last time I adjusted the
> valves, #4 and #2 were tight, the time before that #1 and #3 were tight.
> This time all 4 were tight, and I mean tight as in less than "free zero".

It is normal for them to tighten up in use. This happens as the valve seat 
wears down. Was there a long delay before this last valve adjustment? 
Normally we expect to find and correct these things long before they get this 
extreme. I doubt if you let it go for a long time, so I wonder if your engine is 
running hot.

Another possibility is that the engine HAD been running rich and thus built 
up carbon on the valve seats. Maybe you have cured the rich running and 
that carbon has now burned off, tightening up all the valves.

Keep an eye on them to see what they do next.

> One other thing....I was digging around the fuel system (changing the
> filter). I noticed something in the fuel lines, that I didn't find any
> mention of in the Bentley. The output(middle connection?) of the pump is
> connected to a small, round can. The can is say 1/2" thick, it then is
> connected to the hard line in the tunnel. The input and output on this can
> are 180 degrees out.

It's called a "muffler" and is supposed to damp pulsations from the pump. I 
don't think it is really necessary at all, and doesn't even appear on the parts 
list. I cut one open a few years ago and found that it was just empty space 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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