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Re: [T3] Still hoping for 30-40 responses...hehe

On 2 Jun 2002, at 1:30, Rainman wrote:

> But now I can't seem to consistently get the brakes to release...i works on
> the the rear brakes for an hour or so, and the first few pumps on one side it
> seems to release fine, but the drivers side will not even spin under power
> when up on jack stands...it will spin maybe once around if I pop the clutch,
> then it just stops...the passenger side seems to be working fine. 

Your rubber line to the driver's side has deteoriated inside and is acting like a 
check valve; it won't let pressure out. Replace it.

> Also, when i was being stupid, which is more often lately, I could not get
> the rear PS drum off I was trying to beat it loose with a  3lb sledge, just
> trying to break the rust free...idiot...i broke a small portion of the outer
> casing...it sort of makes a "u" shape before it curve back to the insde...am I
> ok, or do I have to replace the drum immediately?

As long as the inside braking surface is not cracked, it is probably okay. 
There will be a small imbalance, but the radius is small and you probably 
won't feel it. Keep your eyes open for a swap meet replacement.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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