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Re: [T3] Still hoping for 30-40 responses...hehe

>> But now I can't seem to consistently get the brakes to release...i works
> on
>> the the rear brakes for an hour or so, and the first few pumps on one side
>> it seems to release fine, but the drivers side will not even spin under
> Is there BAD surface rust all over the internal workings of the brakes? I
> would sand everything down if there is, or bead blast it if you can. If not
> just squirt everything down with someWD-40 or other substance.  Is there
> surface rust on the inside of the drums? If its bad enough you might want to
> have the drums turned.

No, there is not bad surface rust...the insides are suprisingly clean...even
the never sieze I put behind the shoes, against the backing plate was still
in tact...the wheel cylinders where NEW when I put them on....one other
thing, I cannot push the drivers side back by hand unless I open the bleeder
valve and the fluid goes that way.
>> The divers side releases if I get under the car and release the pressure
>> with the bleeder valve.  The front calipers also seen to be sticking some,
> Did you rebuild all of the cylinders? front and rear? Calipers dont really
> return, much. Disc brakes dont have springs like shoes that pull them away
> from the rotor.

> Drake
> '72 square 1600 (running much better now)
> '63 beetle 1835 (running much worse now)
> San Jose, Ca
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