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Re: [T3] Still hoping for 30-40 responses...hehe

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> Also, has anyone ever sent he rims that are on my notch?  People mistake
> them for rivieras, but they have rounded edges.  Check my notch site at

Perhaps they are after market riverias? I dont know, but they certainly
looks like riverias in the picture. I have never seen a rim that looks like
a riveria but isnt. The only thing I can think of is that they are

> But now I can't seem to consistently get the brakes to release...i works
> the the rear brakes for an hour or so, and the first few pumps on one side
> it seems to release fine, but the drivers side will not even spin under

Is there BAD surface rust all over the internal workings of the brakes? I
would sand everything down if there is, or bead blast it if you can. If not
just squirt everything down with someWD-40 or other substance.  Is there
surface rust on the inside of the drums? If its bad enough you might want to
have the drums turned.

> The divers side releases if I get under the car and release the pressure
> with the bleeder valve.  The front calipers also seen to be sticking some,

Did you rebuild all of the cylinders? front and rear? Calipers dont really
return, much. Disc brakes dont have springs like shoes that pull them away
from the rotor.

> casing...it sort of makes a "u" shape before it curve back to the

I have had a car that has had a drum like this as well....I personally never
had a problem with it.

'72 square 1600 (running much better now)
'63 beetle 1835 (running much worse now)
San Jose, Ca

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