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Re: [T3] Vapor Lock?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> Figuring that in either case, the figure was too low, I switched in the
> other sensor that was sent to me, which unfortunately didn't work at all.

I checked mine out yesterday first thing in the morning. 2.5k ohms air temp
sensor was 320 ohms. While measuring the head temp sensor I noticed that I
was getting an intermittant reading. I thought perhaps the sensor wire was
broken at first, then I noticed that the head temp sensor had come loose and
was making a very poor contact to the head (electrically). I pulled the
sensor out all the way, and measured across the sensor.

I also adjusted the valves and changed the oil, something I dont like
though, all the exhaust valves were again tight. Last time I adjusted the
valves, #4 and #2 were tight, the time before that #1 and #3 were tight.
This time all 4 were tight, and I mean tight as in less than "free zero".

One other thing....I was digging around the fuel system (changing the
filter). I noticed something in the fuel lines, that I didn't find any
mention of in the Bentley. The output(middle connection?) of the pump is
connected to a small, round can. The can is say 1/2" thick, it then is
connected to the hard line in the tunnel. The input and output on this can
are 180 degrees out.

Anyone know what this is?

'72 square 1600 (running much better now)
'63 beetle 1835 (running much worse now)
San Jose, Ca

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