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[T3] My poor baby.The fast escape.

I went outside from work to have an illegal five minute break for a smoke
(my manager said that was cool, since she was doing the same thing), and I
 noticed someone was sitting in my car with the door open, I started
 walking over towards my car, the guy got out hopped into the car next to
 mine, started the engine up, I got to the cars front bumper and stood
 there asking him what the f*ck his problem was, he started acting like he
 was going to run me over so I stepped out of the way, and punched his
 windshield in. It all happened so quick it took me a minute or two to
 figure out what the hell just happened. He was trying to steal my bloody
 VW, I was so f*cking heated(and still am) the ignition switch is tore up
 along with the column and the bracket that attaches it to the dash. The
 cop that showed up looked at my car like what's the point, oh well. It
 shouldnt be too much to get it fixed, just need to find the parts. IF any
 of you can help, I know i'm going to need a new ignition switch problably
 the mechanical part and electrical(can you buy these new), the bracket
 that attaches the column to the dash, I'll need to take a closer look at
 the column tomorrow during the day. Sorry about the long quote. Please
 give all your cars a kiss for me just to let them be remembered of how
 much we do care.       Jonathan


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