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[T3] M.V.V.C. and VW public relations

About a month ago someone on the list directed me to a MVVC protest
letter that they were forwarding to VW.  (These are the people who put
on the VW show in VWofA parking lot)  I was glad to get the attached
letter and find out they took it to the right people inside VW.  I
could care less about VW loosing car sales due to this.  But I would
like the vintage owners to get a little respect, and VW to learn to
leash the lawyers for their own damn good.

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

To all VW Protesters:

The Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club (MVVC) would like to thank you
for your participation in
the VW Protest. YOU are one of the many that took the time to express
your opinions regarding
VW and the trademark / licensing issue. Your response has been added
to the many that have
been forwarded to VW.

We want to update you on what is happening in regards to the MVVC
Protest letter, and how you
can continue to help.

On Friday, May 17th the MVVC principals handling the protest letter
met with Mr. Steve Keyes,
Director of Volkswagen of America/Canada Public Relations. The purpose
of the meeting was to
deliver the protest letters, and to establish communication with
Volkswagen of America. We
are happy to report success on both accounts!.

The meeting was both a frank and open discussion that touched on many
aspects of this
contentious issue. Mr. Keyes admitted that change needed to occur
regarding VW and it's
interaction with the enthusiasts. He also went on to state that VW
always knew that some
customers were also Vintage enthusiasts. They had no idea just who the
VW enthusiasts were,
or what aspect of their client base we represent.

Now thanks to you and others, VW knows much more. Not only did the
number of respondents get
their attention, but the demographics we asked for in the letter
provided them important data
on the vintage enthusiasts, which they have not previously had.

Mr. Keyes presented to the MVVC group a plan to address the licensing
issue as it pertains to
clubs. Mr. Keyes also stated that this was just the first step to
re-establishing good
relations with the VW enthusiasts and the industry. All left the
meeting feeling an important
first step had occurred in communicating with VW. You can expect to
hear more from Volkswagen
on this issue soon.

We thank-you for your participation, and wanted to let you know how
you have helped to bring
about change. We are looking forward to continued dialogue with VW,
and we will keep you
informed. We do have a request of you--please continue to pass the
word on the MVVC Protest
letter. There is strength in numbers, and the demographics we provide
are important for VW to

Best regards,

Ed, Ron & Ernie
The Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club

Please visit www.mvvc.net for the latest updates!

List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list or mailto:help@vwtype3.org

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