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[T3] Still hoping for 30-40 responses...hehe

I was still hoping someone with POR-15 experience would answer some of my
questions.  I am holding back on working on this part of my car until I get
some answers/suggestions from you guys (note: guys is a "gender
non-specific" term).  The questions are in an email a few days ago or on my
web site.  http://rainman.friendlynet.com

Also, has anyone ever sent he rims that are on my notch?  People mistake
them for rivieras, but they have rounded edges.  Check my notch site at

Also, brake questions....as I have stated before, I have just started to
work on the notch again after 7 years...back then I put '69 brakes all
around on it...new pads and shoes...new rear wheel cylinders...i have just
gotten the main brake line to the rear replaced, it rusted out in 2 places.
But now I can't seem to consistently get the brakes to release...i works on
the the rear brakes for an hour or so, and the first few pumps on one side
it seems to release fine, but the drivers side will not even spin under
power when up on jack stands...it will spin maybe once around if I pop the
clutch, then it just stops...the passenger side seems to be working fine.
The divers side releases if I get under the car and release the pressure
with the bleeder valve.  The front calipers also seen to be sticking some,
though not near as bad as the rear.  Any suggestions?  New MC?  I bled the
brakes heavily..about a full reservoir.  What throws me off is that the reap
PS seems to work fine now...

Also, when i was being stupid, which is more often lately, I could not get
the rear PS drum off I was trying to beat it loose with a  3lb sledge, just
trying to break the rust free...idiot...i broke a small portion of the outer
casing...it sort of makes a "u" shape before it curve back to the insde...am
I ok, or do I have to replace the drum immediately?  I can send pics or post
them on my site if anyone wants to see them.  I got it loose but releasing
the pressure from the bleeder valve..thus started the brakes odyssey...

TIA,   ray.

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