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[T3] Vapor Lock?

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Ok so here's what I did today:

Checked the head temp sensor before I started the car today: 1800 ohms.
Drove it a few miles to my studio and tested it there: 180 ohms.

Figuring that in either case, the figure was too low, I switched in the
other sensor that was sent to me, which unfortunately didn't work at all.
No response whatsoever, even when I tested the meter across the sensor, I
got a reading of ? <-- ("infinity" symbol). Needle didn't budge no matter
what setting I had the meter dialed to.

So I switched back to the other one.

In the process noticed that my spark wire cooling boots are pretty brittle.
#4 boot is cracked. Anyone know where I can get some more?

Then I went to the distributor and cleaned the trigger contacts. They needed
it. Cleaned out the distributor in the process and threw in a new set of
points. Reset the timing. Everything's running smoothly. While I was at it I
switched in a new fuel pump voltage relay and my engine cuts out much more
directly than it used to when I turn the key off. (Every now and then my car
used to diesel on hot days.)

So now I just have to wait for another hot muggy day to see what happens.

Mike Wodkowski

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